External fixation apparatus and system

App. – ‎Filed Dec 15, 1995 – ‎Published Jun 23, 1996 – ‎Aniruddha A. Nazre 

Inventor: Aniruddha Nazre

The invention is directed to an apparatus for external fixation and stabilization of a fracture in a bone, including a one-piece fixation rod, at least two fixation pins attachable to the bone, and at least two clamp assemblies. Each clamp assembly interconnects at least one fixation pin and the fixation rod.
The fixation rod is compressible in an axial direction upon occurrence of axial loads typical to those experienced at the fracture, thereby allowing an axial compression loading to be placed on the bone at the fracture when the apparatus is in use. The fixation rod consists essentially of a non-homogeneous, i.e., composite, material.