Suture anchor- Inventor: Aniruddha Nazre: Steven L. Krebs: S. Kyle Hayes

Patents By Aniruddha Nazre
Patents by Aniruddha Nazre

Grant – ‎Filed Jun 9, 1994 – ‎Issued Nov 12, 1996 – ‎Aniruddha A. Nazre 

‎A suture anchor comprises a shaft having a proximal and a distal end. A screw thread extends from the shaft and spirals from the proximal to the distal end. A cross-hole is formed through the shaft and the screw thread near the proximal end. The cross-hole receives a suture which provides a double end of the suture to facilitate attachment of soft tissue. In a preferred embodiment, the shaft is tapered from a larger diameter proximally to a smaller diameter distally while the major diameter of the screw thread remains constant over most of its length. The suture anchor contains a driven portion which preferably contains a groove to conduct the suture from the cross-hole to the free end of the driven portion. A driver for the suture anchor having an engagement portion for engaging the driven portion likewise contains a groove so that when the engagement portion engages the driven portion the two grooves align to form an enclosed passageway for conducting the suture as the suture traverses the driven portion